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Gladiators are the characters you control to dish out pain and death to the hapless outlaws trying to stop their villages from experiencing the joys of nuclear annihilation.

There are four main classes available:

  • Slayers focus on dealing raw damage to single, high priority targets.
  • Bruiserss are tanks, designed to deny an area to the enemy and draw fire away from more vulnerable allies.
  • Regulators are built for crowd control: Engaging and routing large numbers of weaker enemies.
  • Medikus, as the name suggest, are medics with strong healing abilities that keep the other gladiators alive and kicking.


Class Character Focus Abilities
The Damage Dealer
Borg MH4 "Anders" Raw damage output and DPS.
Gunvald the Mad Debuffing and increasing damage through skills and effects.
The Tank
Lil' Erik Mass taunting and raw survival.
Hardy Klanning Debuffing and taunting enemies.
The Crowd Controller
Kati Sagan Taunting and debuffing enemies.
"Buzzer" Ingholm Area of effect damage to large number of enemies.
The Healer
Luna Stormare Healing through killing enemies.
Lisbeth Healing and buffing allies.


The following gallery shows the gladiators and their available skins:

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